Utilities Solutions

Improved efficiency and response with Regroup Mass Notification.

Manage dispersed personnel, respond faster to outages and reduce costs.

Regroup Mass Notification is the ideal communication solution for utility companies who want to improve efficiency without incurring high costs. Regroup helps keep your mobile workforce on point with critical and non-critical notifications delivered to voice, text, SMS, email or even digital signage.

Regroup’s exclusive QuickPost feature can quickly notify entire teams when outages occur. And, notifications can be sent to a selected geographic location for even faster response.

With Regroup’s QuickConference feature, you can easily collaborate with any number of personnel, enabling you to assess and act more effectively.

The Regroup platform is easy to use and intuitive. Trusted by universities, health care institutions, government and enterprise, Regroup allows you to more effectively reach your mobile workforce, no matter where they are.

Critical Alerts

  • Service outages
  • Notify staff and authorities of emergencies
  • Issue severe weather warnings
  • Get critical updates from staff
  • Enable staff to report their status
  • Alert staff of other dangerous conditions

Day-to-Day Alerts

  • Broadcast schedule changes
  • Conference team members from anywhere
  • Issue reminders and updates
  • Communicate with encryption
  • Two-way conference to resolve issues
  • Create unlimited groups for specific messages

Unparalleled Solutions for Utilities

Easy to use – no learning curve

One-click messaging to multiple channels

Text, voice, email and social media messaging

Unlimited user groups

24/7 client support

Both opt-in and opt-out methods of registration

Send messages as easily as email

Automated weather alerts

One-way and two-way group communication

Send alerts from tablets, smartphones or computers

Receive messages via email, SMS, social media or RSS feeds

Highest security measures to keep data safe

Easy to use post-notification analytics

Interactive Voice Polling (IVR)


Regroup helps utility companies stay ahead of customer dissatisfaction by greatly reducing response times when outages occur. Utility companies can also reduce costs by using a multimodal platform that delivers to virtually any device through a robust cloud-based solution.

You can learn more about Regroup Mass Notification by contacting a representative here or schedule a personalized demo.

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