CSO #13 Construction to Begin

LebAlert , CSO13

  • Sent 06/11/2021 10:43 EDT
  • Translated: Arabic

Starting on June 14th the Contractor, Notts Excavation Inc, will begin construction on 12A, South Main Street, in the vicinity of Romano Circle. (1400lf) This will be a full water, sewer, drainage, roadway and sidewalk replacement project as part of the CSO phase 13 project. Traffic will be down to one lane (alternating) in this vicinity between the hours of 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday for the next 4 months. The Travelling public can expect long delays so please plan accordingly. Businesses will remain open through construction. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete this EPA mandated work. If you have questions or need additional information please contact Christina Hall at Christina.Hall@Lebanonnh.gov or 603-448-3112 ext. 6146

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