Mt. Support Rd. – Sewer Line Extension Construction (May 3 to June 25)

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  • Sent 04/28/2021 13:24 EDT
  • Translated: Arabic, Cantonese (Traditional)

Construction of the 1,600 linear foot sewer extension along Mt. Support Road is scheduled to begin on May 3, 2021. The work will extend from the area of 2 Timberwood Drive to 401 Mt. Support Road. This work will impact motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian movement through the area with part-time bike/pedestrian detours, times of one-lane traffic, and short periods of road closure throughout the construction period. Please plan for and expect delays. Additional notices will be posted as specific construction activities are planned to occur, particularly with any proposed road closure periods. Please contact Brian Vincent, PE at or 603-448-3112 if you have any questions.

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