Trash Containers Must be Removed From Sidewalks and Roads

LebAlert , General Alerts

  • Sent 02/23/2021 15:57 EDT
  • Translated: Arabic

The Highway crew has had a very difficult task plowing this past storm due to trash containers left either on the sidewalk or on the edge of pavement. The Winter parking Ban states the following:
 “Please do not park on, obstruct, or block sidewalks - this forces pedestrians to walk out into traffic and prevents our sidewalk tractors from plowing the sidewalks. No one is grandfathered when it comes to blocking or parking on a sidewalk. Parking on sidewalks is always prohibited. Sidewalks with obstructions WILL NOT be plowed. Cars and trash bins blocking the sidewalks cause undue safety hazards for both the plow operators and the citizens attempting to use them.” Please leave trash containers in your driveway on the back side of the sidewalk away from the sidewalk plow equipment.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you should have any questions please call the Department of Public Works at 448-3112.

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