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October 18, 2018                                                                                         


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(Kirksville, MO) — The City of Kirksville realizes success emanates from citizen involvement. We are fortunate to have a diverse community, full of skilled, intelligent citizens that broaden our viewpoint and approach in various areas of our local government. The City is eager to involve community-minded citizens in the process of local government through one of our many Citizen Advisory Commissions. As openings occur, the City Council will accept applications for each vacancy. Currently, the City Council is accepting applications for our Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z), as well as, the Kirksville Housing Authority (KHA).


P&Z consists of nine members, along with one City Councilmember. P&Z works with the City plan for development, as well as makes recommendations to the Council regarding: special use permits, zoning and re-zoning applications, site plan approval, parking recommendation, changes in the code and/or City Plan. It is a requirement to serve on P&Z to be a citizen of Kirksville.


The KHA is different from our other Citizen Advisory Commissions in that the City appoints its members, but the KHA functions as its own entity under RsMO 99.010-99.230. The KHA works to develop, rehabilitate, and manage decent, safe, sanitary, and quality affordable housing in a manner that promotes equal opportunity, nondiscriminatory, fair housing. In order to serve on the KHA, it is required to be a taxpayer, and a resident of Kirksville for 1 year prior to serving. An applicant with a legal background and/or legal knowledge is also desired, but not required.


Visit and submit your application before November 1, 2018 at 5:00 pm, to be considered for the opportunity to serve on P&Z.


For more information, please contact Lindsay Leckbee, City Clerk, at 660.627.1225.



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