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Regis University Campus Safety has seen an increase in bicycle thefts on campus. Most college Campus Safety Departments state that bicycle thefts are the number one crime committed on their campus.  Bicycles and bicycle parts, including seats and "quick release" wheels, are in big demand, and thieves are well-equipped and well-organized.

Always make sure your bike is locked while on campus. Be aware - Cable locks are easily defeated. Campus Safety strongly recommends utilizing a metal U-shaped lock to secure your bicycle on campus. Also if you would like to store your bicycle in an enclosed environment Regis University Wellness and Recreation can provide students a safe place to keep it (near the baseball field) with 24 hour access to it.  For more information on this give Wellness and Recreation a call at 303- 458-3563 or stop by the fitness center.

Registering your bicycle with the Denver Police Department is also helpful with the recovery of your bike.  You can register your bicycle at

You may also want to consider using an inexpensive and/or used bike to ride to and around campus to make it less attractive to thieves.

Please report any suspicious activity near the bike racks to campus police (303) 458-4122.  The eyes of our students, faculty and staff are our number one deterrent to bicycle theft and all crime on campus. 

Thank you.

Department of Campus Safety

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