IMPORTANT: cleaning protocols and sanitizing kits

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Facilities, Management and Planning (FMP) has increased sanitization efforts for common areas and public spaces such as computer labs, restrooms and classrooms, in an effort to protect our campus community.

FMP has focused on sanitizing buildings that are currently open and active, including Churchill Hall, Computing Services East, Computing Services West, FMP, the Science Building and Susanne Holmes Hall. All buildings on campus will receive supplemental cleaning throughout spring term, following protocols recommended by the CDC

Staff from FMP have also distributed sanitizing kits across campus, which include a sanitizing spray authorized by the EPA as a disinfectant to combat the novel coronavirus. Sanitizing kits have been distributed in all buildings and classrooms, and to all building managers.

More resources for sanitizing are available as needed. Submit a work order or call FMP directly at (541) 552-6231 during regular business hours to request a sanitizing kit. 

If you will be working on-campus in an office, FMP encourages you to practice regular hand-washing and cleaning of commonly touched surfaces in your office, such as light switches, desks, tabletops, keyboards, computer mice, tablets, doorknobs and phones. 
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