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Dear students,

The SOU Board of Trustees voted last night to provide financial relief for spring term by reducing student fees. The trustees also approved the exploration of a potential second round of fee reductions that would occur later in spring term.

Our commitment to you is to maintain affordability while providing a quality academic and student experience through online and remote delivery.

Over the next few days, my team will be working alongside ASSOU to determine the size of the initial fee reduction and we will communicate that to you as soon as possible. We will also work out the details of how we either credit those who have already paid or update spring accounts. We strongly encourage full-time enrollment for spring term to maintain degree progress and ensure qualification for full financial aid awards.  

The first reduction applies to the mandatory fees that pay for student health and medical services, student activities, student mental health counseling, student employment, the bond obligations approved by students that funded SRC and other services. SOU is still providing many of these needed student services for spring term, even if by limited or remote delivery. It is also important to remember that these fees pay the salaries of many professionals who provide valued student services.

I want to provide some clarity regarding the difference between remote and online delivery. Remote delivery can take the form of Zoom lectures or class meetings, Google Hangouts, videoconferencing and other non-classroom venues. Online delivery applies to those courses that are delivered through specific online learning platforms and technologies.

Because of this difference between remote delivery and online delivery, the existing online course fee will continue only for those courses to which it already was applied. We are not applying the online fee to courses that were previously face-to-face and are now being moved to remote delivery due to the COVID-19 emergency.

These are unprecedented times and this fee reduction recognizes the fact that the upcoming spring term will be different than what any of us would have expected. But the continuation of your education is a powerful response on your part. I am optimistic about the future and the role that higher education will play in yours.

I’ll provide additional updates soon. Please stay safe.



Linda Schott
President, Southern Oregon University

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