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Dear Faculty Colleagues,
As you may know, President Schott provided updates to campus yesterday in response to recommendations and guidelines we received from the Governor, health authorities, and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. You can find this and other messages at the COVID-19 website: 
The purpose of this email is to inform you about current plans for Finals Week, Spring Break, and Spring Term. You will, of course, want to coordinate with your Directors, Chairs, and SSCs to determine the most effective way to convey information to students. VP Neil Woolf and Dean of Students Taylor Burke can also assist with this effort.
Finals Week
Please see the attached document outlining your options with links to appropriate resources. Importantly, please note the link in the first paragraph; it will lead you to a spreadsheet where you must enter information about your exams by 1:00 pm today.
You have three options: Face-to-Face, Remote, and Non-Applicable. If you choose the face-to-face option, you will be asked to indicate if your existing final exam classroom is in alignment with the Governor's definition of Social Distancing, which maintains a distance of at least three (3) feet between individuals. (This may require that you visit the room if it isn't one you are familiar with.) 
The question for you regarding face-to-face finals is: Is it essential for me to convene the class in person? If so, and if your classroom does not adequately accommodate this criterion, you will need to indicate that on the spreadsheet, and ESC will notify you of a room change.
Spring Break
We are extending Spring Break for students by one week -- now March 23-April 5 -- but are not closing campus. This provides extra time for faculty members to plan and develop options for spring term remote delivery, where feasible, for at least the first three weeks.
Spring Term
Spring term classes will begin on Monday, April 6. I strongly encourage you to consider using the remote course delivery options. If you choose to offer face-to-face courses, please follow the current Social Distancing guidelines. 
We continue to monitor the situation daily, and will modify spring term course delivery plans accordingly. 
Please know that President Schott's executive team is in constant contact with members of our state leadership. Incident Commander, VP Perkinson and the Incident Response Team, meet twice daily and provide updates to the President's Cabinet.
I am meeting with Division Directors and Chairs over the next few days. We will continue to provide you with all necessary updates. 
Please continue to contact me directly with questions, and accept in advance my most sincere thanks for all you are doing to help.  We find ourselves in uncharted waters -- and, I truly need all of your heads and hearts to guide us through this journey. 
Very respectfully,
    Susan F. Walsh, PhD
    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Professor of Communication
    Southern Oregon University
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