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I hate to be the bearer of the latest bad news, but it looks as if we may not be able to pull off this picnic idea. It is too far into May and Jans books need to be closed out at the end of April. She is afraid that she won't get the receipts from Price Chopper in time to do her books.   The good news is that the donation is all taken care of as far as us picking up the Walmart check next week. We are also able to get the club together and go off campus for lunch. It has to take place during the school day and not on a weekend. This seems to be the last resort at this time.   We can all talk this over at our next meeting, so please try your hardest to attend. If we decide to do a lunch off campus we are welcome to invite the ladies from the YWCA. If not, we can still always have a catered lunch on campus with Prestige. Keep in mind that we can chose any restaurant we can afford.   See you at the meeting, Noney

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David Bourdeau said at 10:28am Apr 15, 2011 CST via

We decided to get a gift certificate for this purpose, Just get a certificate and give Jan the receipt, If at the worst we will shop earlier, we can store the food, freeze the meat ect . This club needs to do this together, I am still for BBQ

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David Bourdeau said at 10:36am Apr 15, 2011 CST via

Oh another thing, We will have it on Thursday or Friday afternoon, we will have the park basically to ourselves compared to weekends when the park is the busiest. Everyone’s finals should be done by Wed. and it will be a great cap on the end of the semester.


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Noney Grier said at 1:13pm Apr 15, 2011 CST via

There were a few reasons that we can't do this. One is that it is in May. And two, they need the receipts from PC. Their recommendation is that we go to a restaurant during school hours. I know, it stinks.