The Perfect solution for routine notifications, updates and more.

The easy-to-use solution for businesses, campuses, health care and more.

Regroup Mass Notification makes day-to-day communications simple and effective. Our comprehensive platform makes it easy to reach dispersed workforces, campuses and remote team members.


  • Easily communicate with multiple departments, facilities or select recipients
  • Allow non-technical users to send notifications via a user-friendly interface
  • Automate processes to save time and retain continuity of daily operations
  • Collaborate more effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Communicate with your entire network from your computer or mobile device

Day-to-Day Notifications - Key Features


Day-to-Day Messaging Made Easy

Not an IT expert? No problem! We make sending and receiving notifications so simple all users can easily communicate through Regroup — from their computer, smartphone or tablet.


On Point and On Budget

Effective communication won’t truly be effective if your budget suffers in the process. We provide you with many tools and services to make communicating a worry-free, budget-conscious process.


Robust Collaboration

Interdepartmental collaboration is a breeze with our cloud-based platform. Individual departments can simultaneously communicate amongst themselves, as well as easily collaborate with other teams to get the job done.


Simplified Administration and Database Management

From a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use admin interface and opt-in/opt-out registration — to real-time analytics and automated database syncs, we make it easy for you to manage Regroup and keep your contact database up to date.


Integrated Messaging Solutions

Regroup integrates with third-party systems and processes to streamline your operational communications and enable your organization to communicate more easily, effectively and efficiently.


Reduced Margin for Human Error

Regroup takes the guesswork out of many routine, yet essential, tasks to increase employee productivity and raise efficiency levels. Missed appointments, deadlines and follow-up emails can be a thing of the past with Regroup.

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