Regroup Desktop Alerts

Grab attention immediately with reliable popup alerts.

Regroup’s new Desktop Alert add-on allows you to send critical and routine messages that reach employees directly in their workspaces.

With just a few clicks, administrators can deploy important notifications to every computer in their network.

Easily keep your entire team informed with Regroup’s Desktop Alerts.

Desktop Alerts PAD

How Our Clients Use Desktop Alerts

  • Corporate
    Keep everyone informed of company announcements, improve reception desk safety and send routine updates.
  • Education
    Target faculty, staff and students simultaneously to inform them of emergency situations, severe weather, school events, parking or traffic issues and more.
  • Healthcare
    Provide alerts to nursing, emergency and response teams when common areas or visitors are vulnerable to emergency situations or codes.
  • Facilities Operations
    Inform employees (even when email is down) about policy changes, compliance updates, data breaches, facility best practices and more.

Simple Installation – Easy to Use



Install the Regroup Desktop Alerts software on your organization’s existing computer infrastructure. Use common desktop management or mass installation tools for fast, easy-to-manage deployment.



Add custom branding, set up your templates, and configure your cloud-based desktop alerts account to meet your organization’s needs. Our flexible options make it a versatile tool for any structure and use case.



Deploy alerts quickly and easily from within your Regroup account to target specific groups or your entire organization. We can deliver messages to up to 150,000 workstations each minute!

Get the Whole Story on Desktop Alerts from Regroup

Ready to learn more? Download Regroup’s Desktop Alerts Product Guide. This quick read will show you how you can implement smart alerting to your entire organization for emergencies, updates and other routine communications.

download regroup desktop alerts product guide

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